We are the Trinitarian Congregational Parish of Castine, United Church of Christ..

Long name, isn't it?  Well, our title is steeped in the history of our congregation.  Let's start out by saying that we are a traditional Protestant church, founded in the New England Congregational tradition in 1820 in Castine, Maine.  Our church building was constructed and dedicated in 1829 on Main Street in the village, and has been active ever since -- sometimes in federation with other Castine churches, and sometimes alone.  We are a church with Reformed roots, descending directly from the Puritans who brought their faith and practices across the sea from England.  And today we are affiliated with the United Church of Christ, a mainline denomination with roots that resemble our own.

We are located at 68 Main Street in Castine, Maine, a small town in Mid coast Maine and home of the Maine Maritime Academy.  Our people are friendly and welcoming, our faith is alive and enthusiastic, and our mission is loving and serving.  

Please take some time to explore our site and get to know us.  Better yet, help us to get to know you.  You are welcome here.